St. Paul's School, Banswara
1. 1958 - St. Paul’s Udaipur, becomes the 1st full fledged English Medium School of the City of Udaipur merely at the age of 5.
2. 1965 - Introduces many of Kothari Committee recommendations.
2. 1968 - Received a Gold Medal from the then Minister of Education Govt. of India, for getting the 1st Rank in the All India Level Secondary Examination.
4. 1970 - Again another Gold Medal for repeated superb performance.
5. 1972 - Yet again a Gold Medal for the UNESCO sponsored competition.
6. 1976 - The First school in India to start the 10+2 system of education, when other schools were skeptical about its introduction.
7. 1978 - The only school in Rajasthan to get a permanent Recognition from the Central Board of Secondary Education - New Delhi, A very special honour and recognition for its class academic and non-academic performance.
8. 1978 - Celebated the Silver Jubilee.
9. 1980 - The mentor and maker of Modern St. Paul’s to his Rev. Fr. Coutinho passed away to be with his master and creator.The government of India sending a T.V. crew from Door Darshan to film the Social work which was cited as an example of the government 20 point economic programme.
10. 1981 - The mentor and maker of Modern St. Paul’s to his Rev. Fr. Coutinho passed away to be with his master and creator.
11. 1983 - The first school in Udaipur to start computer education.
12. 1991-1995 - St. Paul’s adult literacy crusade, recovered State and National level recognition and applause.
13. 1993 - C.B.S.E. takes note of St. Paul’s Adult literacy work and asks other Schools affilaited to it follow up sent.
14. 1994 - National Council for Educational Planning and the National Literacy Mission sends a special fact finding team to make an on the spot study and evaluation of the literacy work done by the schools.
15. 1994,Sept 8 - One of our teachers Shri K.V. Jose receives a National Award from the Human Resources & Development Minister, Shri Arjun Singh at New Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium. A Citation, A certificates and a Cash Award of Rs. 15000/- for a National Level Essay Competition on “Education for all”.
16. 2002 - St. Paul’s goes global with its website
17. 2003 July16 - Golden Jubilee Celebration Start.
18. 2004 - St. Paul's Udaipur is vibrant with action and activities even at the age of 50. Its surroundings, spacious play grounds, airy class rooms, well equipped science and computer laboratories, experienced teachers with maternal and paternal care and concern, make learning a pleasurable experience at St. Paul's. The School will continue her onward journey undaunted with more concern, commitment, dedication and determination with added vigour and enthusiasm giving shade and shelter, light and warmth, knowledge and wisdom for those who pass through the portals of St. Paul's for many centuries. We shall relentlessly pursue and follow the path of result oriented and children centered action plan. We are hopeful of achieving superior performance in the years to come. Our efforts will be reviewed, revitalised and reaccelerated because we have a commitment to fulfill, we have a passion to perform; we have a desire to excel, we have a dream to cherish, we have a mission to materialise. We have fastened our girdles and decided to swim and not to sink with our eyes revetted to the goal because St. Paul's is not a story but a live telecast of daring enterprise backed by abiding faith and determined dedication. The blessing hands of our patron and his master are always on and over us. Mr. Jose K.V.