St. Paul's School, Banswara
Annual Social Service Camp:

To indoelrinate our students with certain cherished social and human values and to teach them that the educated and privileged show learn to help others in need and to make them experience that social upliftment is a collective responsibility, every year from 1970 onwards a particular economically backward village is chosen and wells are dug for the poor farmers. We hire compressors from the underground water works and get the wells blasted. The rest of the work is done by our students (Class IX) and teachers. For a week our students and teachers camp in these villages in tents with hardly any _____________ and comforts of the city life the students are used to. We ________ work, eat and live like the villagers, suffering the ______ heat of the April Sun in the remotest villages in Udaipur District. This gives an invaluable and life time, life size, and unforgettable experience to our city-bred well to children. The entire expenditure is met by the students and is supplemented by the school on an average we deeper 12 to 14 wells every year _____ abundantly supply of water assured inculcation of values by curricular.