St. Paul's School, Banswara
Every institution has a patron or patroness who serves as a model. His or her life serves as a source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation to all. Children in a school ought to have a role model too so that they have an opportunity to imbibe moral and spiritual values along with learning. Mere knowledge of various subjects does not render education complete. They must grow in knowledge, virtue and wisdom in order to be good humans, upright citizens and attain greatness to make our Nation proud. Approaching, Damascus from Jerusalem about three years after Jesus' crucifixion, Saul, a young jew from Tarsus, was thrown to earth from the horse on which he was travelling, by the tremendous impact of a vision. "Saul, Saul" the voice of Jesus called him. "Why persecutes thou me". Blinded in a state of shock, the young man had to be led by the hand in the city. For three days he did not regain his eye sight and when he did he was a newborn creature, " the chosen vessel" of the Lord.