Classroom Rules

  1. Arrive on time for class and come prepared to learn.
  1. Raise your hand to speak or volunteer.
  1. Follow the dress code of the school.
  1. Do not cheat or copy other people’s work.
  1. Complete all assignments.
  1. Listen to the teacher when being spoken and follow directions carefully.
  1. Respect everyone in the class.
  1. Respect the school property.
  1. Do not leave your seat without permission.
  1. Do not eat or drink in class (except for water)
  1. Learn at least one thing you did not know before coming to class.
  1. Be on time for every assignment or test.
  1. Never give up on yourself or your goals.
  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated, with kindness and respect.
  1. Be a friend to everyone in the classroom and keep your friendships strong.
  1. Apologize if you make a mistake or accidentally hurt someone else.
  1. Tell the truth.
  1. No name calling, insults or put downs. Marker and whiteners not allowed
  1. Respect each other’s ideas and opinions even if you disagree with them.
  1. Do not let anyone influence you to do anything you know is wrong.
  1. Do not move out of the class without carrying permission card.
  1. No vandalism is allowed in the classroom. Keep your classroom neat and clean.
  1. Discrimination on the basis of cast, creed or religion is strictly forbidden
  1. Do not touch other’s belonging without permission
  1. Always try your best. Never give up!