Rules of the School

Every student is expected to behave well at all times and in all places. She/he should always remember that the school is judged by his/her conduct. The whole hearted cooperation of the parents is expected at all times in the formation of the character of their children. As the child progresses from the lower to the upper classes he/she will be given increasing opportunities to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to self-imposed discipline. The school will insist on strict punctuality, greater school attendance, cleanliness in dress, general grooming and fidelity to study and work assignment.

  1. A student is granted leave of absence only if his/her parents/ guardians send in an application and that too for serious reasons only. Those taking leave without the permission of the Principal are liable to dismissal. Please write the application for leave on a proper sized paper and enter the same in short in leave record in the diary.
  1. When a student falls ill, the Principal should be informed in writing at the earliest and when he/she rejoining school, he/she must bring a medical certificate and an application signed by the Parents/Guardian failing which he/she may be refused admission to the class.
  1. A student is allowed to be absent in case of sickness or death of family members. For all other reasons, he/she should sanction leave in advance.
  1. A student unable to rejoin classes after the holiday should take permission from the Principal in advance. Defaulters in this regard may find his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of the admission fee.
  1. A student is not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  1. If parents / guardians want their ward to be back from school during school hours and if parents/guardians are unable to come school, they may delegate a responsible person of their family member to pick the ward from school with the photo copy of his/her Aadhar card along with an application sent to our school email id.
  1. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or improper behavior towards the school authorities are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student. Those student whose parents/guardians are found to be indulging in any kind of propaganda or other activities which directly or indirectly hinder the smooth functioning of the school are liable to be dismissed from the school.
  1. Any damage done to the school property will have to be made good.
  1. A student whose dress or appearance is untidy may be refused admission to the class and is liable to be sent home in which case the school disclaims all responsibility. A student without school diary is liable to the same penalty.
  1. At the first bell before the assembly all the students must take their allotted places in silence. After the assembly they are expected to go in silence to their respective classes.
  1. The monitor assumes responsibility for order and discipline of the class during the absence of the teacher.
  1. If the student leave the class for any reason while the classes are in progress, they should do so in silence and carry the permission card.
  1. No books (other than required for the classes or from the school library) newspaper, periodicals or comics should be brought to the school. No electronic media or storage devices are allowed either.
  1. The school is not responsible for books, money, clothes, gold, etc. lost. A student should look after his/her own things. She/he is advised not to bring valuables to the school.
  1. During the intermission the students are not allowed to enter the classrooms without the class teacher's permission.
  1. Students are expected to take part in the co-curricular activities conducted on every Saturday or whenever they are asked to do so.
  1. Within the school premises the students are expected to speak English only.
  1. Answer paper will not be shown to anybody else, except the parents or guardians.
  1. A student with a valid driving license and helmet will be permitted to come to school on motor vehicles driven by him/her.
  1. A student is not permitted to take tuition from his/her own teachers.
  1. Students from classes V to X must use only fountain pens and not ball pens.
  1. Polythene bags are not allowed within the School Campus. Mobile phones, other electronic gadgets and storage media should never be brought to school.
  1. School diary is to be brought to school daily. Children should take care not to misplace or lose their diary. The old diary should be brought to buy a new diary or else you may have to pay the double amount.
  1. Girls with long hair should tie two plaits.
  1. Hair style must be simple as befitting school pupils. No Mohawks or shaved or fashionable designs are allowed. Fingernails must be cut short and kept clean. Mehandi, Nail Polish and Tattoos are strongly discouraged.
  1. On all school days (except on a Student’s Birthday) and for school function or when going out as school group and for picnic the student should wear the school uniform.
  1. Students visiting the school regarding office work, consulting the teacher/ meeting the Principal are expected to wear the school uniform failing which they are liable to be sent back.
  1. Wearing of gold and wrist watch is not allowed.