NCC, Scout & Guide

It has become very important for the students to get indulged in the Co- curricular activities which help them to experience the world they are supposed to live in after their education. Hence, in 2007 school got the permission to start the NCC Army Wing Junior Division (Boys), 10 Raj BN NCC Udaipur. NCC imparts practical knowledge of the outside world to the students through means of various competitions, making a student confident, practical and self- sufficient. NCC is one such activity which a school student can pursue to add to their learning and aptitude. The entire training period develops the senior and Junior NCC cadets to be confident responsible citizens of the country.

Keeping in mind the need to inculcate self discipline and to motivate students to the service of the nation and the people, the school was registered with Bharat Scout and Guide since 2007. Every year students are given awareness programme on Scout and Guide. In the year 2017-18, 11 boys and 15 girls participated in 5 days camp which was a unique experience to the participants. The school will encourage the principles of scouting and guiding in the students and will continue to take active part in all activities organized by the Bharat Scout and Guide.