St. Paul's History

The cross at the top denotes that the school is run by a Christian body, inspired by the ideals of Jesus Christ and his doctrine.

The "X" formed by the bamboo and arrow denotes that the school is situated in the region of 'bans' or bamboo i.e. Banswara and serves an area predominantly inhabited by Bhils symbolized by their weapon of defence. It implies that the school will utilize the local arts and crafts to further the local culture and instil a spirit of defence for our right and of our neighbour.

The hand holding lighted "Deepak" at the bottom is the light of truth and wisdom which the staff will endeavour to pass on to their students.

The various hands of different sizes denote pupils of different ages approaching the truth as they grow up.

The motto 'Jeevan Jyoti' - meaning ‘Light of Life’ symbolizes the flame of truth, love and service which must find a home in each pupil.